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Welcome to Adventures of CODA.  This is the travel log of Steve Olsson. Travelling with Barbara (his sister) on a 43 foot American Tug.

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Morro Bay

The storm was headed in but it appeared that we had just a small window to get south. We left at 4:00 AM so we could arrive in Morro Bay...

Santa Cruz

A 4:30 AM start to the day. I do not like to go into a new location in the dark and we knew it would be 13 hours or so. We pulled out...

San Francisco Downtown

We returned to Fisherman's Wharf but this time we took a slip for a couple of days to spend time with Becca. It was a beautiful day...

San Francisco

The weather looked OK and we had seen what there was to see in Crescent City. We were prepped for the long journey to San Francisco. Up...

Nick and Marissa in Town

I returned from Seattle to find everything on Coda doing just fine. I once again joined the on-going san wandering flotilla in Blind Bay...

Back to the US of A

With the proper paperwork filed on the CBP application we called into the boarder protection hot line and were approved for arrival with...

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