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Santa Cruz south end exploration

We were stranded in smugglers cove. Waves were breaking on the beach making a dinghy landing virtually impossible but we refused to let that bother us. We were going exploring. We launched the dinghy and decided to poke our heads in caves. Spelunking by dinghy.

Not before Barb had to prove her polar worthiness again.

Santa Cruz is a beautiful island and I have many recollections from being here as a child. The east side has many caves and blow holes. Blowhole (geology) - Wikipedia

We launched the dinghy and set out to explore the south end of the island.

Lots of beautiful sights to see. The pelicans on the rock.


And more caves.

Some caves we just drove directly into.

This is a compilation of a few videos we took. I think you can see the surge that is still present making spelunking even more fun.

We had a great time exploring for hours and we went home to have a nice dinner of homemade bread, curried rice and cheesy cauliflower. Even though we were hunkered down, we made good.

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1 Comment

Nov 02, 2021

Barbara, you are my fun and crazy friend and i miss you. That water is cold.

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