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Conclusion -- Seattle to San Diego

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

This represents the conclusion of our voyage south to San Diego. This was a trip I had dreamed of taking for years and I am pleased to have finally made it. In a short time, likely in January the plan is to head south towards Panama. I have already completed maintenance and I am preparing for this next phase. I will start an entirely new blog. It will still be at this address, but I plan to make some changes to make it easier to review each section of this trip.

I hope that you have enjoyed following along on this section of the trip.

The final statistics for this phase of the trip are as follows:

and the detailed map of our trip:

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2 Yorum

30 Ara 2021

Congratulations on your adventure and I am so happy for all of you involved. What an accomplishment. Thank you for posting all the details. I loved following your blog and hope to be included on your next blog. Happy New Years. Rita


Congratulations! To new adventures for the new year

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