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San Diego

We stayed in Mission Bay for a few days and enjoyed being in a city again. Stopped into the Barefoot Bar and cruised around Mission Bay in the dinghy. I spent a great deal of time here in my youth and it was fun to see how things changed. Matt and Tonia had a flight home, so we got them to the airport from Mission Bay. My brother Gary drove his boat up to meet us and stayed rafted to us for a couple of days.

I left Mission Bay and took the two-hour cruise back to San Diego Bay. It was interesting to return after 30 years of being away.

This is headed past Point Loma headed to my father's old Yacht Club. I took this path hundreds of times as a child.

Barb and Gary keep their boat at Pier 32 Marina, and they managed to get me a slip in the marina for 2 months. This will be enough time to get maintenance and repairs done and go back to Seattle for the holidays.

It is a pretty nice place, a bar and restaurant and fine warm weather.

Technical Details:

Time: 3 h 1 m ( 14:26 to 17:27 ) Distance: 21.53 nm

Fuel: 5.52 Gallons Fuel Rate: 1.83 GPH Fuel Economy: 3.90 NM/G

Avg Speed: 7.45 kn Max Speed: 10.94 kn

Engine Runtime Start: 3169.80 Hours Runtime End: 3172.80 Hours Fuel: 5.52 Gallons Fuel Rate: 1.83 GPH Fuel Rate Max: 18.04 GPH Avg RPM: 1164.38 Max RPM: 2197.75 Avg Oil Pressure: 51.07 Low Oil Pressure: 31.33 Avg Temperature: 188.62 Max Temperature: 194.00

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