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Bicycles in the Redwood Forest

We planned to stay in Crescent City for a few days. Matt was to fly home for the commodore's ball and after Gold Beach we thought a few days rest would be good. Thursday, prior to Matts departure, we rented bikes and decided to take a ride and a hike in the redwood forest.

I predicted that Matt was the only one in the bunch of us that was in shape, but we took on a 10 mile ride with a a 6 mile hike to the waterfall. That was perhaps a bit optimistic of us but we enthusiastically took it on.

It was a beautiful ride and hike, but unfortunately it was uphill in both directions.

We realized at the end of the hike that we were pretty exhausted and sore and we still had a long way to get back to the boat.

After going uphill on the bike -- ok well pushing the bike uphill for most of the way, we finally got to the downhill part and we mounted up for the cool breeze and relaxing glide back to the marina. I had been having trouble with my front brake but as I applied more brake to slow myself down the hill, my back brake failed and I had no brakes left. I drug my shoes on the road and tried to stop but I just could not. I finally had to just jump off the bike while moving. Just my luck. I ended up pushing the bike downhill as well. Yuck.

We all returned safely to the marina after a mostly fun day. Happy hour was refreshing after that.

Matt left at the crack of dawn on Friday and Barb and I spent the weekend walking to the town and getting provisions for the San Francisco trip. I worked down the repair to do list on the boat and we washed Coda so it would look pretty for the photo shoot under the golden gate bridge. I had to walk to Home depot Sunday and it turned out to be another 6 mile hike.

Technical Data:

bike 10 miles

hike 6 miles

Home depot 6 miles

muscles sore for days.

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