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Cracking Matt out of prison and getting him out of the state

Matt wanted to take the ferry over to the city and visit Alcatraz, so we left Barb on the boat to keep an eye on it and we took the blue and yellow ferry over to Fisherman's Wharf. We ran over to the Alcatraz ferry and took the day walk around Alcatraz Island. It was a very fun day after being cooped up in the boat for days on end. I am sure Barb enjoyed the time without us barking at her all day as well.

Matt Seemed quite at home in prison. It makes me wonder why that could be.

The tour was actually three tours: 1. the prison, 2. the Indian take over of the island in the 70's and 3. the early light house and WW2 days. It was a nice tour on a beautiful day. It was also Fleet Week and the Blue Angeles were flying over as we completed the tour. It was a great vantage point.

It was beautiful.

We decided that we had taken enough of a beating in Sausalito after three days so when we returned to Coda, we pulled anchor and moved to Richmond. We heard that they had inexpensive moorage there and a few things to walk around and see.

It was great to get a good nights sleep in a marina again.

Tonia arrived and we toured the city with their friends and we bid them both adieu as they needed to attend a family wedding in Iowa. The next morning we had a surprise visit from Jeff, Norma and Lizzy. They brought us a care package that is sure to keep the Manhattans flowing and several other fun things!

I am pretty sure Matt will show up again in this blog, so stay tuned.

Technical Data:

Time: 1 h 29 m ( 17:02 to 18:31 ) Distance: 8.41 nm

Fuel: 2.53 Gallons Fuel Rate: 1.70 GPH Fuel Economy: 3.32 NM/G

Avg Speed: 6.19 kn Max Speed: 8.38 kn

Engine Runtime Start: 3070.10 Hours Runtime End: 3071.60 Hours Fuel: 2.53 Gallons Fuel Rate: 1.70 GPH Fuel Rate Max: 3.33 GPH Avg RPM: 1078.18 Max RPM: 1319.00 Avg Oil Pressure: 51.89 Low Oil Pressure: 32.49 Avg Temperature: 172.31 Max Temperature: 192.20

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1 Comment

Laura Domela
Laura Domela
Oct 16, 2021

Hey Steve, Sam (on Akeeva, Nordhavn 50, the other part of Slowboat) is also in Richmond (with his wife Anna...they're on their way south as well). Keep and eye out for them and if you see them, introduce yourself...I think you guys should meet!! We're really enjoying being able to follow your trip! Safe travels!

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