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A bit of maintenance prior to the next adventure

A few items needed looking at prior to departing on the next adventure. I wanted to check the cutlass bearing, get the bottom painted, replace the zincs and do full engine service. 400 hours is quite a bit of run time and even though I changed the engine oil during the Alaska trip, it was time for a more comprehensive service.

A haul out and inspection was in order.

Getting ready to pressure wash the bottom.

Prop in good shape.

Pretty shiny new zincs.

The line cutters on the prop shaft and the cutlass bearing all looking fine.

I also too the time to fix the anchor light that was broken and added a rear facing camera on the mast.

Good to see if I am being approached from behind.

I changed the oil and filters on the main, transmission and generator, changed the fuel filters, the internal engine zincs and the coolant. I also had the hull buffed and waxed making it a shiny new looking boat.

Ready for the next adventure. The boat is running well and in great shape.

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