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You wouldn’t believe what we pulled out of the ocean

It was a fish.

What’s up everybody? It’s the bad boi of blogging checking in to teach my dad how to pump up these rookie page view numbers in the 50’s to 50 million. You like that title? I really hooked you in with that one huh?

I landed in Ketchikan on the 23rd expecting to take a bus or something to the boat, but was picked up in a luxury dinghy instead.

We stayed in Ketchikan for the first night and even went to a local bar. We were lucky enough to make it on karaoke night and hear some incredible sounds of the Ketchikaners. I was very impressed by them and several of the singers even had teeth.

The next day we took off to stay in some Fjord, which is Scandinavian for a giant body of water with mountains on the side of it that was formed by glaciers a while back. My dad kind of tricked me because he didn’t let me know we wouldn’t have cell service out here. I haven’t been able to refresh my Twitter feed in almost 48 hours and my hands are starting to shake. It was a pretty scenic area and I also have been able to pee off the side of the boat the whole time and that’s my favorite thing to do in the world. So, definitely not all bad.

Nick’s Technical Section

Distance traveled: Pretty far, it took about 5 hours to get here.

Gas consumed: Not as much as was produced (fart joke)

Times dad has called me Gary: 6

Fish caught: 2

Crab caught: 6

Shrimp caught: 4

Calories consumed: 68 billion

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