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The old Native Alaskan guy in the shop was half right.

Armed with our new found knowledge we headed up Port Frederick looking for bears. We were told of four rivers running into the inlet with a large meadow. There were always bears there and we were sure to see them if we hit the low tide. We set out just prior to low tide and used our best scouting skills to see the bears -- hundreds of them congregating in the meadow and wandering down the stream to the water. Nope -- we saw some horses in the meadow but no bears. The upside is there were some beautiful views.

We left Frederick inlet with the hopes that the second tip was better. "head to Adolphus Point my boy -- there will be whales there" Well at least Adolphus point was close to the entrance to Glacier Bay so it may be a wild goose chase but it would at least get us closer to our destination.

He was right. As we approached the point I spotted a couple of Orcas lazily swimming by.

And then all hell broke loose!

Whales all around us.

I suspect it was the change of tides but it was pretty fun to sit out there for an hour and watch them feed.

We decided to head to a very tenuous place to anchor. Virtually no protection from winds but very close to the entrance to Glacier bay. Since it was already 9:00 at night when we finished watching the whales we anchored at the east end of Lemesurier Island. Our plan was to get going at 4:00AM to catch the flood tide. The current from the entrance of the bay to Strawberry island can run 7 Knots.

Technical Data missing -- I will need to figure out what happened here.

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