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Just a short 2 hour hop south was Takatz Bay. This was a very deep bay and very popular. I loved the narrow entrance to the back part of the bay. As we entered the bay -- yes another waterfall. This one was fat with a very high volume flow. Just crazy -- the front railing on the boat was nearly in the waterfall and the depth sounder read over 200 feet deep.

Following the waterfall the channel narrowed down and there were several boats in the back bay. This is a disappointment as most of the time we have been anchoring we have had the bay to ourselves. Oh well. One of the boats was a super yacht.

We took the dinghy around the bay and drove it up river as far as we could looking for bears or starfish or anything. A beautiful place. The next day another super yacht arrived so we were outclassed and left.

As we were watching a movie that evening we had to pause it and have a look outside. The fog was coming in and the view was just spectacular.

This picture was taken at around 10:00 PM and the sun was setting but the mist formed on the water and in the valley between the hills.

Technical Data

Ell Cove to Takatz bay

Time: 1 h 45 m ( 11:07 to 12:52 ) Distance: 7.50 nm

Fuel: 0.69 Gallons Fuel Rate: 0.39 GPH Fuel Economy: 10.79 NM/G

Avg Speed: 3.99 kn Max Speed: 7.60 kn

Engine Runtime Start: 2800.80 Hours Runtime End: 2802.55 Hours Fuel: 0.69 Gallons Fuel Rate: 0.39 GPH Fuel Rate Max: 5.02 GPH Avg RPM: 790.64 Max RPM: 1300.75 Avg Oil Pressure: 44.30 Low Oil Pressure: 32.49 Avg Temperature: 181.50 Max Temperature: 192.20

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