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I have been looking forward to getting back to see my grandson Matteo again! I landed in Seattle and Kaitlyn and Josh picked me up from the airport. I was surprised to see how much Matteo had grown in just a couple of months, Here he is!

We had a pretty low key visit, which was perfect. I just wanted to spend time and get to know the little tyke. We had a bunch of fun activities, like the park:


Fine dining:

Mostly, we just hung out together and played.

He looks like papa.

We had special visitors come and spend an evening with us.

Anya an Advik brought their parents over to play with Teo. That was a special evening.

It is great to see that Kaitlyn and Josh are doing well and Teo is such a happy baby. I promised him that I would take him out cruising when he gets a bit older. I look forward to having many great adventures with Teo and his parents.

Thank you for indulging me a with these last two posts. An opportunity to brag a bit about my children and now grandchild.

Technical Data:

7 months old, healthy eater and working on crawling. Look out world -- here he comes.

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