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SATURDAY!!! -- the weekend is here

The nice thing about the weekend in Fisherman's bay is there is a farmers market. We were up at the crack of dawn to go see it and provision perishables for the next week. Unfortunately the market opens at 10:00 am so we had coffee and waited anxiously.

We headed over and reserved a slip at the marina and walked to the market. They had nice freshly grown veggies, like bok choy, spinach and turnips and I got a buddah bowl for lunch. Barb got a mushroom and swiss sandwich. It was great! We then headed off to the grocery store to provision. We called a Lopez resort shuttle to take us home since we bought too much to carry.

After loading everything into the dinghy and then into the boat, we hoisted the dinghy and the anchor and moved into a slip for a day. It is pricey to stay in slips but it gives us a chance to do 5 loads of laundry without running the generator, wash the boat, fill with water, empty the trash and ensure the batteries are fully charged for the next week out at anchor. I'll talk about generators and solar panels later.

This is CODA at anchor prior to moving. Majestic!

We were anchored very close to the seaplane landing zone so we had some entertainment from time to time.

Finally, after we moved into the dock a very nice sunset.

There is a technical section, but really we only moved .32 Nautical Miles. It was negligible in terms of fuel or distance or anything else so just forget about it.

Tomorrow we are off to Blind Bay. I just can't see staying here. There should be a good story there.

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