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Rockin' and Rollin' in Port Hardy

We stayed on the outer docks in Port Hardy and we rocked and rolled all night long. The wind and waves were still bad from the weather and the outer harbor does not afford much shelter. Over Coffee we decided to head out and find a better place. That means that we had to go out in that foul weather again. We decided to head towards the Broughton Islands and if the waves were bad we would divert behind Malcolm Island to Port McNeill and try to get a good nights sleep there.

As you can see, it was very rough again and we diverted. Port McNeill is a nice town with a very protected marina and a couple of places to visit. We saw the world's biggest tree burl (very interesting) and had dinner in a cozy bar and grill.

Since we did not have as along a delay in Fury Cove as expected, we had a couple of days to explore the Broughton Islands and we were anxious to get there. I had been 10 years earlier so I had a few places I wanted to see that I really enjoyed last time through.

Technical Details:

Time: 3 h 22 m ( 14:14 to 17:37 ) Distance: 24.05 nm

Fuel: 7.38 Gallons Fuel Rate: 2.19 GPH Fuel Economy: 3.26 NM/G

Avg Speed: 8.17 kn Max Speed: 10.46 kn

Engine Runtime Start: 2882.40 Hours Runtime End: 2885.80 Hours Fuel: 7.38 Gallons Fuel Rate: 2.19 GPH Fuel Rate Max: 5.68 GPH Avg RPM: 1189.71 Max RPM: 1492.25 Avg Oil Pressure: 51.38 Low Oil Pressure: 31.33 Avg Temperature: 188.32 Max Temperature: 192.20

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