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Peace and Quiet

This morning in the bustling port of Roche Harbor, we decided to take a run on the dinghy to look into Reid Harbor. It was a bit rainy and overcast, but we powered through and zipped the few miles to Reid harbor. I expected it to be packed because it was a holiday weekend but it was not surprisingly. We returned to Roche and decided to move over to a more peaceful existence. It is:

Since we had not eaten, we had a little snack when we arrived. Chips and 5 layer dip. I suppose it was supposed to be a seven layer dip but on the boat we have to make sacrifices and endure some hardships.

It is a very protected cove and the wind is blocked making it still. Barb went Kayaking around the cove. I just relaxed and enjoyed the calm.

For dinner I fired up the grill and we made grilled mushrooms and veggies, Barb made Bok Choi in a garlic and ginger sauce with rice. Spectacular! Since I did the grilling I was afforded that element of danger as well which makes me feel so brave.

While cleaning up, Barb found some old homemade Ice cream that I made months ago and forgot about. It sparked a discussion about how much I love Chocolate Chip cookie dough Ice cream. Sometime I think Barb and I don't communicate that well. She took the chocolate chip ice cream and made chocolate chip cookies out of it! Geez. What confusion. The were delicious.

This place is dead calm and relaxing!

And to top everything off. It is such a beautiful day, Barb decided to play in the sunset this evening.

It is a rough and tumble lifestyle out here but we are surviving. Good night everyone.

Short move but here is some tech data

Time: 2 h 36 m ( 10:17 to 12:54 ) Distance: 5.54 nm

Fuel: 1.91 Gallons Fuel Rate: 1.10 GPH Fuel Economy: 2.90 NM/G

Avg Speed: 6.61 kn Max Speed: 13.59 kn

Engine Runtime Start: 2541.15 Hours Runtime End: 2542.90 Hours Fuel: 1.91 Gallons Fuel Rate: 1.10 GPH Fuel Rate Max: 21.61 GPH Avg RPM: 780.10 Max RPM: 2400.25 Avg Oil Pressure: 47.55 Low Oil Pressure: 1.74 Avg Temperature: 157.76 Max Temperature: 197.60

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