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Patos and Jones Island

We took off this morning headed for Patos. The wind was a bit brisk but we wanted to take a look and see if we could squeeze into Active bay where two mooring buoys appeared on the chart. When we arrived, the deep buoy was out for maintenance and the other was too shallow for my comfort so we just took a picture of the lighthouse and headed south.

The next stop on the San Juan tour was Jones Island. I have been here many time and it is always a favorite. The wind kicked up a bit to 30 Knots but we slogged through it. (Here comes your bridge cam Anya and Advik)

We did arrive safely and took a mooring ball in the east corner of North cove at Jones Island, launched the dinghy and took a hike ashore. The weather was clear and sunny even though it was still pretty breezy. I took a few shots while walking.

And the obligatory shot of CODA quietly in the cove as she awaited our return.

We headed home to a small amount of rain but a relaxing afternoon. Our plan is to stay tomorrow and hike the other side of the island.

And the techie data:

Time: 2 h 44 m ( 08:23 to 11:08 ) Distance: 17.75 nm

Fuel: 5.04 Gallons Fuel Rate: 1.84 GPH Fuel Economy: 3.52 NM/G

Avg Speed: 7.31 kn Max Speed: 10.59 kn

Engine Runtime Start: 2531.80 Hours Runtime End: 2534.50 Hours Fuel: 5.04 Gallons Fuel Rate: 1.84 GPH Fuel Rate Max: 6.10 GPH Avg RPM: 1088.82 Max RPM: 1528.00 Avg Oil Pressure: 49.28 Low Oil Pressure: 31.91 Avg Temperature: 181.75 Max Temperature: 192.20

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