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Old Friends, New Friends a Wedding and Family

As CODA waits patiently for the hurricane season to pass in Costa Rica, I flew home for my son's wedding. He was married to Marissa, a young lady he met while working in Texas and I am afraid he will be a Texas boy for the foreseeable future. It was a beautiful ceremony with both families and many friends participating.

Hard to believe that my son is grown and married but he picked a wonderful girl and I wish them all the best.

I had a chance to visit some of the friends that you have seen before in this blog. I used this opportunity to bore them to death with my never-ending tales of the sea.

I stayed with good friends during the wedding week on Camano Island and had refreshments as we watched the beautiful view from their deck. I appreciate Pat and Carol and I want to thank them for hosting my sister and her son and my brother and his wife during the week of the wedding. I also appreciate them for hosting other friends for drinks. A very enjoyable visit.

Met old friends from Europe that flew in for the ceremonies. We had an awesome visit and toured Seattle.

I danced with my grandson at the rehearsal dinner.

Prior to the wedding, in the morning, I took a row in Pat's sliding seat rowing thing and had some time to contemplate life and how lucky I have been.

I also had time to visit my lovely daughter and spend more time with Teo.

I started teaching Teo the life lessons that he will need to survive.

Met with some great friends

I even had the opportunity to meet the next generation of rocket scientists. Congrats on a successful launch and recovery of your unbroken egg! A perfect flight.

I even met a new friend.

It was a great month back at Seattle, but all good things come to an end, so I headed back to Costa Rica to get the boat ready for Panama. The blog is back on and expect to see the continuing adventures as Barb and I continue south to Panama and make the crossing to the Caribbean.

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