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Oh so Much to tell

This one is a bit delayed as we have been so busy it is like being back at work.

Yesterday we weighed anchor and headed to meet a friend at Deer Harbor. Barb had to get her kayaking in first so here she is!

This day was really sunny and nice. We took the short drive to Deer Harbor and got a slip. It was a relaxing evening with the Navy Yacht Club of Everett meeting in Deer Harbor as well. We chatted late into the night and had a very nice time outside since it was so warm.

I added these video mostly for for the bridge cam requests but I made a few and I think I finally learned how to do videos. This is what we look like when we are cruising on a perfect beautiful.

This is the bridge cam -- I am keeping my video shorter so I can manage them.

Here is the opposite view

And here is the view from the stern.

Now you know what it is like to be cruising on Coda on a beautiful day.

So we arrived at Deer Harbor and pulled into the dock. Another perfect day.

Here is the nerdy part:

Time: 1 h 42 m ( 09:40 to 11:23 ) Distance: 9.67 nm

Fuel: 1.46 Gallons Fuel Rate: 0.86 GPH Fuel Economy: 6.62 NM/G

Avg Speed: 6.30 kn Max Speed: 8.09 kn

Engine Runtime Start: 2542.90 Hours Runtime End: 2544.60 Hours Fuel: 1.46 Gallons Fuel Rate: 0.86 GPH Fuel Rate Max: 2.48 GPH Avg RPM: 996.88 Max RPM: 1189.25 Avg Oil Pressure: 50.57 Low Oil Pressure: 32.49 Avg Temperature: 167.37 Max Temperature: 192.20

It appears the map is unavailable. Sorry.

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