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Now for something a bit different

First off; today was pretty rainy and gloomy. I ran the heat this morning just to warm up a bit. We stayed in, read and did little projects until after lunch. It was nice -- like a day off, except every day is a day off. After lunch we launched the dinghy and went to Blind Island and Shaw Island. Blind Island is a very small island in the entrance of blind bay that is a state park. It has 4 campsites and a trail that took us all of 5 minutes to completely explore. Here is a picture from that hike.

Following this we headed to the dinghy dock at Shaw Island and stopped into the little store. We walked around Blind bay and looked at the boats in the harbor.

Last evening I was talking to Nick. He asked me to include some description of the food we eat while cruising. I assured him that it was very modest but here goes. If you like this section, leave me a comment and I will do this more often.

After hiking, we had fresh avocado and garlic dip with our chips and a beverage of ginger gin and tonic. Tonic with fever tree ginger in it. Pretty tasty.

Tonight we had left overs. While cruising yesterday Barb made a 15 bean soup with veggies and jalapeño which was very nice for the colder weather. Today she was experimenting with savory cheese onion wheat bread. she made 16 rolls and I hate to say they are nearly gone. I guess technically those were not left overs.

For desert, Barb had found some strawberries in the fridge and she made a lemon strawberry pie. This was interesting because it was the filling from a lemon meringue pie with strawberries mixed in but no meringue. It is amazingly delicious. A small dollop of freshly made whipping cream to top it off.

She made this yesterday so it was just another left over.

Sometimes we get freshly made food but tonight was more modest. Don't worry! We are not starving on this trip.

No movement today so no technical section with the exception of this note. The weather was so overcast I was only able to average 20 Amps off the solar array so I am running the generator for the second time this trip. That is sad but you can't control the weather.

Around 5:00 the sun made an appearance and it was a beautiful evening. All is well.

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May 25, 2021

Food looks amazing! Love knowing what you're eating, even though I don't have an oven on board to duplicate! -Denise


May 25, 2021

Barbara makes some really tasty meals and desserts! I think talking about interesting food dishes adds balance to the posts.

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