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No Sleep and an early move.

After that perfect day and evening, the wind kicked up to about 16 knots from the NW. With the fetch of miles of the Straits of Georgia and the waves funneling into the narrow passage of Shallow Bay we found ourselves being tossed around like a ping pong ball starting around 2:00 AM. By 6:00 I was tired of hearing the bottles rolling around in the fridge so I got up and fired up CODA for a quick escape. We just ran to the other side of the island into Echo Bay and things got much calmer. We launched the dinghy and walked around the shore a bit. Chased an otter and took a short walk to get a view of the bay.

A nice View of CODA in Echo Bay with Mount Baker in the background.

We also ran across this strange symbolism on the beach. It looked like devil worship was happening here last winter but Barb assures me that it is only local art. I don't know about that.

Yes, there was a short move this morning so here is the Nerd section>

Time: 1 h 2 m ( 06:32 to 07:34 ) Distance: 4.38 nm

Fuel: 0.77 Gallons Fuel Rate: 0.93 GPH Fuel Economy: 5.67 NM/G

Avg Speed: 6.02 kn Max Speed: 8.09 kn

Engine Runtime Start: 2530.15 Hours Runtime End: 2530.95 Hours Fuel: 0.77 Gallons Fuel Rate: 0.93 GPH Fuel Rate Max: 2.62 GPH Avg RPM: 906.51 Max RPM: 1126.25 Avg Oil Pressure: 49.18 Low Oil Pressure: 0.58 Avg Temperature: 173.57 Max Temperature: 192.20

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