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Misty Fjords

I have traveled quite a bit in my life and there are many sights that are memorable and stunning. There are very few that rival the beauty of the Misty Fjords just south of Ketchikan.

After a few days of resting, and picking up my brother, his wife and my son, we headed south to see it. It is not a long drive from Ketchikan, about 6 hours total, but it was well worth the time spent.

This video cannot begin to convey the beauty of the place. This is several miles of narrow and wide channels with hundreds of waterfalls and abundant wildlife. The depths are hundreds of feet directly next to the cliffs and up to a thousand feet of elevation. We stayed in the very back of a small cove with a fresh water stream entering the fjord just behind us and a beach with a green meadow. It was pretty magic. This is only one of a very few spots where there is the ability to anchor.

When we entered, the fjord, it was rainy and very misty which justified the name, but the next couple of days it was warm and sunny and it allowed us to get a much better look.

We were the only boats in the cove until the last day there and the sound of the waterfalls everywhere was just amazing to go to sleep by.

I really wish a picture or a video could show you the beauty of this place, but the only way to really understand it is to be there. I found the experience amazing.

We slowly putted out of the few miles of fjord back to the real world, sitting outside in the perfect weather and watching the amazement.

Just WOW!

And still techie data.

Time: 10 h 30 m ( 11:46 to 22:16 ) Distance: 59.34 nm

Fuel: 12.30 Gallons Fuel Rate: 1.17 GPH Fuel Economy: 4.82 NM/G

Avg Speed: 6.58 kn Max Speed: 12.29 kn

Engine Runtime Start: 2638.10 Hours Runtime End: 2647.45 Hours Fuel: 12.30 Gallons Fuel Rate: 1.17 GPH Fuel Rate Max: 24.01 GPH Avg RPM: 1163.72 Max RPM: 2499.25 Avg Oil Pressure: 49.11 Low Oil Pressure: 0.58 Avg Temperature: 189.21 Max Temperature: 195.80

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