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Lives in Peril

We left our cozy cove at 9:00 AM which made our ETA at Sergius Narrows at high tide slack. We had read the coast pilot and Active Captain and were anxious to see what we were facing. By all accounts this passage would be treacherous and we would be using extreme caution going through this water way. Strong rapids and a current that pushes a boat into the cliff edge. After 5 hours of cruising we arrived and looked over the situation. It was high tide slack current and it appeared to be calm. Cautiously we approached the narrows with thrusters enabled, autopilot off and serious demeanor. The current had dropped to 2-3 knots against us so Matt went first and throttled up into the current. He plowed through it with no issues at all. I followed and wondered what all the hub bub was all about. It was a non-issue and we plowed right through. All that anxiety for nothing.

We had originally thought fish bay was a good stopping spot just beyond the narrows but we decided to press on a bit closer to Sitka to Beehive Cove. It was a few hours beyond but is was a beautiful secluded cove that was very small. I anchored and Matt kayaked over a stern tie to a tree as the swing room was very limited.

Here we are tucked into our tiny little code and stern tied. Fun Kayaking and enjoying the scenery.

Paradise Lost: The return of the cruise ships.

As we pulled out of our little cove in the morning, we were surprised to see that the cruise ships had returned.

Technical Data:

Eliason Harbor to Beehive Cove

Time: 6 h 20 m ( 10:22 to 16:42 ) Distance: 48.62 nm

Fuel: 9.10 Gallons Fuel Rate: 1.44 GPH Fuel Economy: 5.34 NM/G

Avg Speed: 7.65 kn Max Speed: 9.86 kn

Engine Runtime Start: 2790.05 Hours Runtime End: 2796.40 Hours Fuel: 9.10 Gallons Fuel Rate: 1.44 GPH Fuel Rate Max: 3.33 GPH Avg RPM: 1238.30 Max RPM: 1328.25 Avg Oil Pressure: 52.36 Low Oil Pressure: 31.33 Avg Temperature: 169.57 Max Temperature: 194.00

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2 comentarios

Tim Pompey
Tim Pompey
10 ago 2021

We thought you might stop into Ventura on your way back. We're leaving for vacation September 17-29 and hoped not to miss you. Do you know your itinerary for August-September?

Me gusta

Tim Pompey
Tim Pompey
10 ago 2021

When will you be returning home?

Me gusta
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