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Last day for Matt -- Lets have some fun!

After a nice night sleep we were up and ready to go. Matt had a flight out the next day, so we decided to have a pure fun day. Not that every day is not fun on Coda!

We made reservations to go on a waterfall hike about 45 minutes away from the marina. It was glorious!

This is La Leona Falls, near Liberia, Costa Rica. It was very hot out so the hike in water was a cool and beautiful thing. We took a taxi to the trail head and our guide led us along a 3 hour hike, half in water and half on land. The forest was spectacular.

Some parts of the hike were a bit on the wet side but it felt so good to get cooled down from the 90 degree air.

We forded the streams and hiked up the valley and it was great.

This is the first of the falls. We thought this was great until we started hitting the big ones.

This is La Leona falls. I tried to swim to it and get under it, but the current was way to fast to even get close.

That was a great day to wrap up Matts visit. Matt helped us cover 1500 miles and this was a great way to finish things up. After the hike, the guide took us back to the trail head where a hot lunch was waiting for us.

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3 comentários

16 de ago. de 2022

Awesome pictures. Nice to see you continue on your fun itinerary after a good visit with family and friends. I am praying for all of you to have a safe and fun trip full of adventure after the hurricanes pass.


01 de jun. de 2022

Glorious!!! Absolutely Glorious!!! How heartwarming it is to follow the travels of such a loving family!


31 de mai. de 2022

I can only imagine the fun of going thru the falls in Costa Rica! It is so nice to hear you are all having so much fun and full of adventure. Life is short--keep living it as much as you can.

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