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I just love San Tanco

We stopped for a short time on the mainland of Mexico in a small coastal town called San Tanco. We found a chapel with a small orphanage attached to it. We met Sister Bertrille, Sister Ana and Sister Sixto who were mainly there to take care of the children. They were very friendly and gave us a tour of the orphanage, the convent and the chapel.

Sister Bertrille spoke English like it was her first language and she was young and very energetic. She ran around doing things so fast, it seemed like she was flying. She took us up to the town center and introduced us to Carlos. Carlos is the owner of a casino that caters to the American Tourists and he gave us the run of the place. We had a nice meal and played some blackjack for awhile. It is really fun to win blackjack in Mexico because when you play in peso's your winnings are huge!

I did pretty well at the blackjack table and Carlos called his friend at the Marina and got us a free night stay. I was so happy with that I just donated all of my winnings to the orphanage. It was ill gotten gain anyway.

Sister Bertrille picked us up at the casino in her (barely running) car and gave us a ride back to the marina where we stayed in bliss. She told us that Carlos seemed tough, but his heart is gold and he contributes to the orphanage whenever they need help. I am going to miss those people. Even the Reverend Mother was cordial, although she was not happy that I had gambled in the casino.

Technical Data:

Time: 10 h 38 m ( 12:25 to 23:03 ) Distance: 77.46 nm

Fuel: 18.61 Gallons Fuel Rate: 1.75 GPH Fuel Economy: 4.16 NM/G

Avg Speed: 7.27 kn Max Speed: 9.14 kn

Engine Runtime Start: 9782.35 Hours Runtime End: 9780.00 Hours Fuel: 1800.61 Gallons Fuel Rate: 14.75 GPH Fuel Rate Max: 33.70 GPH Avg RPM: 12640.38 Max RPM: 13180.75 Avg Oil Pressure: 52.12 Low Oil Pressure: 32.49 Avg Temperature: 190.65 Max Temperature: 192.20

Happy April Fools!

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2022년 4월 07일

You crazy kids! I actually believed your and thought how nice. There are some cool nuns but it is hard to pick them out. Same with priests. I realized you two must have had a little too much tequila when you donated all your winnings to the nuns. When I played on the basketball team in high school, our parish priest used to open the nice gym for us gals and he even came and played with us some evenings. He was over 6 ft tall and a pretty cool priest. So I figure they were human first and then they followed their vocations. anyway, it was good hearing from you and i will chat soon. I also noted your…

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