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First mechanical breakdown of the trip!

We had an invitation to visit Steve and Cindy on Henry Island today so I got up early to make cinnamon rolls. I thought that would be a nice host gift. When I was completing the rolls and washing up and the water stopped. I took a dive into the bilge to check it out and it seems that we lost the fresh water pump. Luckily I had provisioned a spare pump and it took only a half an hour to replace. Not a big setback to the trip.

So it was a perfect day and we started with Steve and Cindy and Cinnamon rolls walking around their place on Henry Island. Nice views.

Following that we decided to go to English Camp in Garrison Bay. We took the dinghy over and walked around. I have been here many times and always enjoy it. Many interesting things to see and a great place to walk.

It was a beautiful and warm day. As we walked I noticed a tree with a horizontal branch which made me recall a field trip I took with My son Nick in September of '99. He and a few friends climbed that exact tree and I snapped a picture of them.

and from '99...

Brought back some great memories of elementary school field trips.

Anyway, we walked the Bell point loop to get a bit of exercise and returned back to CODA. Barb made a fantastic dinner of fresh spinach, nut-mushroom-bean patties and pasta with pesto. We used the Hot Dame hot sauce that Matt and Tonia gave me for my birthday on the patties and it was most excellent.

The end of a beautiful day.

One other issue I need to address. I forgot to post yesterday. Sorry, we watched a movie (the Green Book) and I just forgot. So....

Yesterday we went ashore at Roche Harbor and walked around, looked at all the stores and walked the sculpture garden. It was nice. We just had left overs for dinner but we did start the day with home made blueberry banana muffins.

No movement today. Just a beautiful day in Roche Harbor. No nerd bait.

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