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Conclusion and summary

We left San Diego February 1st. That is only 4 months of travel but it is a lifetime of experience and fun. Thanks to Matt for writing the code on the raspberry pi for tracking and data. All of the data provided has been collected from this device and it is nice to have.

Coda will remain in this marina until November 1st most likely and Barb and I will travel for about a month back to San Diego and Seattle. I look forward to picking up this adventure in November, heading through the canal and north to Florida. I may do a few posts in the meantime, but there will likely be less to post about on a daily/weekly basis. Feel free to call or text to see what is happening.

Technical Data:

3697 Nautical Miles in 525 engine hours

44 nights on anchor

56 nights in marinas

1 night on a mooring ball

12 nights in transit

64 days underway.

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02 thg 6, 2022

Congratulations on your safe arrival! Looking forward to following your next adventure.

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