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Completed the oven project and a problem

Well the oven is installed and I think it looks pretty dang spiffy. Notice the drawer installed below the oven and the finished teak.

To test everything, Barbara made me a German chocolate birthday cake. Can you tell how old I am?

Ok; it is a stupid computer joke but I am sure that someone out there will figure it out. We thought everything was done but we discovered a leek and we need to figure out what to do about that!

I guess we could make a soup!

Stupid jokes all over today and no technical data since I have been stuck here in La Conner. We went to the store and refreshed the perishables so we can get going again tomorrow. I'll have more technical data for you then.

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2 comentarios

Happy 0x40'th!!

Me gusta

Happy 100000 birthday! Pretty ingenious!

Me gusta
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