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Back to Costa Rica and on to Panama

Returning to Costa Rica was with mixed feelings. I had a great time in Seattle as you can see from my last post, but I looked forward to getting on the the trip and heading south. It has been a long wait at Papagayo Marina and I was itching to get the adventure going again. I contacted my insurance with the dilemma that they asked me to stay in Costa Rica for 5 months and Costa Rica will only let my boat stay in the country for 3 months without much greater fees. They granted me permission to move to Panama earlier than originally planned.

I now have to be out of Costa Rica by 25th of August so the push is on to go.

Barb brought her friend Stacy to join us for 9 days, the first day, they went back to the waterfalls (that I documented in a prior post).

I decided to stay home and get some boat projects done. I had brought a suitcase of parts back from Seattle and I was anxious to get some projects completed.

The next day we went jet skiing. That was a great time.

We headed up a mangrove lined river where we were warned not to fall of due to the crocodiles.

And following a high speed race back to the beach, we all went up the the hotel bar and had drinks and a nice lunch.

We headed back to the boat for a relaxing evening.

The next day we went to Playa del Coco to visit the port captain and secure the (once again) huge amount of paperwork the Costa Rican government requires to depart a marina. The document required to move a foreign boat is called a Zarpe. I did get one and so the next morning we were off. Starting the adventure again.

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Aug 18, 2022

I enjoy keeping up with your adventures and am amazed you can still have a sense of humor after all the paperwork you have to deal with in all the foreign ports. I wish you a safe passage through the Panama Canal and will look forward to your additional blogs. Rita


Steve, it was wonderful to see you briefly at Westwinds with your daughter. I just love random boating friend sightings-especially when they are coming from Costa Rica. Keep the great blogs coming, you are keeping me inspired. Fair winds and following seas,


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