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A second try Northbound

3:30 AM came early but we set out again north after a day of sitting out the weather. I was pretty anxious to get going so I was up early. Leaving at 3:30 looks something like this:

The weather was dead calm -- just like predict wind indicated, so we headed out in an attempt to getting caught up with our schedule. The intent was to get to Port Neville, a mere 102 NM away. At an average of 8 Knots that should be 12 hours non-stop. Just one Issue, we knew that we would need to wait 3 hours to hit slack tide at Seymore Narrows where the currents can hit 8 Knots so the plan called for a 3 hour break prior to going through the narrows or 15 hours.

The weather started getting a bit rough after just three hours and I was nervous that we would lose another day but it laid down after an hour and the rest of the day was smooth.

Strait of Georgia is a huge body of water and it seemed to have lasted forever but by noonish we were at Seymore Narrows and we stopped for a bit to eat in Menzies bay. When slack current arrived we headed north again. We just could not make Port Neville so we pulled off at Kanish Bay to get some rest. It was a beautiful location. We anchored in small inlet.

It was the most beautiful anchorage I can ever remember. Christian took out his drone for that video. I am sure that there will be more to come!

I had a difficult time with the internet as we are in the wilderness -- so more soon. I am still a day behind.

Techie stuff:

Time: 12 h 5 m ( 03:20 to 15:25 ) Distance: 83.76 nm

Fuel: 19.02 Gallons Fuel Rate: 1.57 GPH Fuel Economy: 4.40 NM/G

Avg Speed: 8.47 kn Max Speed: 14.29 kn

Engine Runtime Start: 2570.50 Hours Runtime End: 2581.25 Hours Fuel: 19.02 Gallons Fuel Rate: 1.57 GPH Fuel Rate Max: 18.81 GPH Avg RPM: 1231.35 Max RPM: 2264.00 Avg Oil Pressure: 51.25 Low Oil Pressure: 1.16 Avg Temperature: 184.02 Max Temperature: 194.00

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2 comentarios

21 jun 2021

the photos are awesome and i am enjoying all the details.

Me gusta

Love the drone shot! Kanish Bay looks beautiful!

Me gusta
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