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A Glorious Day

I woke up this morning and headed up to make a latte. I opened the back door of CODA and to my amazement, it was warm! I drank my latte on the back deck in the sun and felt like summer was here. Barb came out and made tea and we reveled in the sun and warmth.

As we sat there pondering life and watching the weekenders pulling anchor to scurry back to the city, we took out the binoculars and noticed the Matia dock had been vacated by one of its occupants. We pulled anchor to head over immediately. We managed to get on to the small dock and settled in.

The day was perfect so we took the short walk around the island and got a bit of exercise.

We met our neighbors and had a couple of drinks while I made dinner rolls and Barb made cherry orange bread pudding and had a filling and relaxing dinner of leftover potato leek soup. What a great day!

Technical data

Time: 0 h 49 m ( 10:47 to 11:36 ) Distance: 2.82 nm

Fuel: 0.28 Gallons Fuel Rate: 0.35 GPH Fuel Economy: 9.92 NM/G

Avg Speed: 5.40 kn Max Speed: 7.39 kn

Engine Runtime Start: 2530.95 Hours Runtime End: 2531.80 Hours Fuel: 0.28 Gallons Fuel Rate: 0.35 GPH Fuel Rate Max: 6.74 GPH Avg RPM: 740.81 Max RPM: 1447.00 Avg Oil Pressure: 45.87 Low Oil Pressure: 32.49 Avg Temperature: 167.20 Max Temperature: 192.20

and the very short move data

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you Made it easy enough, I’m following. 😎cathy

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