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A giant hole in Coda

Here in La Conner the sun is shining bright and I have been longing to get out in the islands and be on anchor. In the meantime; work continues on the new oven install including the starting demolition which leaves a giant hole.

Well, fear not, today the boys returned bright and early and filled it with a brand spanking new oven and I am about to test it by making dinner rolls.

The drawer is still not made below but Jim said that he would make it today and get it finished so it will dry by tomorrow. In the meantime we are cleared for cooking.

Since there was no movement by Coda, there is no movement map or technical data. Sorry to the nerds.

Our plan is to leave early Friday morning for Sucia Island. I believe that we will have everything completed, tanks full (except the one that needs to be empty) and food for awhile.

You should hear from me next on Friday afternoon with the full tech data.

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1 Comment

Donna Yellam
Donna Yellam
May 12, 2021

I can smell the rolls now. My favorite picture is the mirror image of your 2 loves. You promised only 1 picture a day. Haven't you heard more is better. Love pictures

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