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Remember the beach club?

Off the next morning after a cruise to look into the last of the coves. We definitely picked the best ones to stay in, but we had to head back to meet Tonia, Boris and Mayli. They would arrive that evening from Cabos San Lucas and they had rented a car.

Oh, the beach club. Beautiful white sand beach. We had looked at it, but we did not know if it was private or what? We arranged for Boris and Mayli to drive from their hotel to the beach club and we asked the waiters with our pigeon Spanish, if our friends could park in their parking lot. They were very friendly and more than happy to allow this. We could even stay at the club and have a bite to eat while we were waiting.

We sat in our own private tiki hut, had a drink and watched the sunset waiting for Tonia and the Hodaks!

We had discovered a gem. We could swim to the beach club or dinghy over and they welcomed us with tacos and drinks. Splendid!

We had a fun evening with Boris and Mayli and Carol. Eventually I took Boris and Mayli back to the beach to go to their hotel and promised to meet them the following day for a tour of La Paz. Carol was leaving and we had a day planned in La Paz.

Technical Data:

Time: 3 h 33 m ( 11:11 to 14:45 ) Distance: 25.19 nm

Fuel: 9.11 Gallons Fuel Rate: 2.56 GPH Fuel Economy: 2.76 NM/G

Avg Speed: 7.56 kn Max Speed: 9.08 kn

Engine Runtime Start: 3331.20 Hours Runtime End: 3334.75 Hours Fuel: 9.11 Gallons Fuel Rate: 2.56 GPH Fuel Rate Max: 5.55 GPH Avg RPM: 1190.82 Max RPM: 1463.75 Avg Oil Pressure: 52.43 Low Oil Pressure: 30.75 Avg Temperature: 184.15 Max Temperature: 192.20

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