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Preparations for the big day tomorrow

We spent the last two days doing laundry, shopping for food, topping off the fuel and water tanks, washing the boat and generally provisioning. We had a problem that the anchor chain got twisted and I pulled the entire length out on the dock and untwisted it and pulled it back in. It took Barb and I a good hour to do that but we are ready to go now.

Matt and Tonia came up from Seattle with friends Christian and Liz. I guess it was a bit of a rough trip judging by this picture.

They came in and topped off the fuel tank, so tomorrow at 7:30 we head to Sydney and try our luck out at the customs dock. Fingers crossed!

After a rough day, Barb Had prepared a nice dinner. Spanakopita, a nice tomato and sprout salad and of course, my favorite, key lime pie for desert. Home made from scratch. (no bottled juice) Duh-licious!

We all celebrated our impending departure with a few drinks.

A whopping trip of 5 NM from Reid Harbor, but here is the data for the nerds:

Time: 1 h 38 m ( 12:33 to 14:12 ) Distance: 5.04 nm

Fuel: 0.98 Gallons Fuel Rate: 0.60 GPH Fuel Economy: 5.12 NM/G

Avg Speed: 5.92 kn Max Speed: 8.59 kn

Engine Runtime Start: 2557.50 Hours Runtime End: 2558.70 Hours Fuel: 0.98 Gallons Fuel Rate: 0.60 GPH Fuel Rate Max: 3.01 GPH Avg RPM: 858.50 Max RPM: 1255.00 Avg Oil Pressure: 48.01 Low Oil Pressure: 1.16 Avg Temperature: 176.53 Max Temperature: 192.20

Hope for luck in the transit to Alaska starting tomorrow. For the nerds -- the numbers will be significantly bigger starting tomorrow. I did a float plan to submit to the Canadian Customs agent. 600NM, 7-8 days at 10 hours a day to get to Ketchikan.

Here is the overall route to Alaska.

overall route
Download PDF • 4.74MB

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Good luck at customs and have a great trip!!

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