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A day to relax in Prince Rupert

After the long passage and being allowed into the country, we decided to take a day to explore Prince Rupert. There was the shipping terminal, the train museum and the world's smallest Wal Mart.

The waterfront was nice. We had coffee and a snack at the Cowpaccino coffee house and played with the local sculptures.

There was a ships prop (as there always seems to be) in port cities.

The train Museum was a fun walk through. The station operator's office was cool and had a typewriter very similar to the one my father had when I was young and the adding machine was the same as my Grandmother's in her office.

We, of course, had to go to the boat store and get a few items for maintenance and then a nice lunch in the local watering hole.

A nice quick visit but we were watching the weather reports and we knew we had to be moving. The big crossing is around Cape Caution and we had a storm. Off to Bella Bella.

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Fun pictures. I want to play at the sculpture park also. I feel like I'm walking around too, train museum, coffee shop, exploring.... We missed you at Roche Harbor cruise in.

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